Compliance Auditing

Discovery Loss Prevention Services auditing team help businesses counter corporate threats posed by error, fraud and negligence. We aid organizations in making sound business decisions through customer service mystery shopping, marketing data collection, and compliance audits and monitoring.

We are distinguished within the industry for our nationwide network of highly trained, licensed investigators, customized awareness programs, and superior client service. Designed to help clients bolster the effectiveness of compliance programs and employee training, Discovery Loss Prevention Services provides a method of solving critical internal and timely auditing issues.

Discovery Loss Prevention Service’s researchers conduct comprehensive audits and monitoring of retail operations, service establishments and field offices to help ensure policy compliance. These include, but are not limited to, floor plan audits for vendors, merchandise presentation, adherence to safety and loss prevention guidelines, accuracy of signage and product replenishment, monthly or weekly store receipts, deposit inaccuracies, and inventory audits.

Discovery Loss Prevention Services can provide random and for cause audits should an employees be terminated for various improprieties.