Employee Theft

According to the recently released National Retail Security Survey, U.S. retailers lost more than $13.2 billion from employee theft on an annual basis.

Where Inventory Shrinkage Happens

  • Employee Theft 44.5%
  • Shoplifting 32.7%
  • Administrative Error 17.5%
  • Vendor Fraud 5.1%

According to a study conducted by the University of Florida with a funding grant from Sensormatic Electronics Corporation, employee theft was up almost 2 percentage points from the previous study conducted in 1998. Employee theft now accounts for more than 44 percent of all retail losses in the United States. The tight labor market has created a combination of factors that lead to higher dollar losses. The record labor shortage leaves businesses short-staffed, producing more opportunity to steal. This is compounded by the more dishonest employees allowed into the workplace because of these same business staffing shortages.

Discovery Loss Prevention Services specializes in employee theft as well as assisting businesses in combating this problem. Our investigators work closely with management in order to deal with the issue effective and quietly. We will obtain any viable information concerning the issue, conduct interviews, obtain confessions, complete an analysis on the investigation and if need be make recommendations when a termination or prosecution occurs.

We realize that this type of situation is difficult for the employees involved and the entire organization. Therefore, our highly trained investigators evaluate every situation differently and proceed accordingly with the forethought that a particular situation may become hostile.

Let our experts assist with your delicate situation.