Legal Litigation Support

Successful litigation depends on building a case file of critical information that often requires tedious, in-depth investigations. Our legal investigative support team understands the needs of legal counsel. We provide a wide range of reliable, confidential legal support services including assessment of expert witnesses; witness re-location; and, pre- and post-judgment asset tracing. Not only are our investigators schooled in litigation support techniques, they are also trained to provide credible, expert testimony when called before the court.

We assist law firms, in-house counsel, arbitrators, and mediators in the development and gathering of supporting evidence through investigation, surveillance, analysis of evidence, photography/diagramming, and witness interviews. Discovery Loss Prevention Services has earned one of the finest reputations in this field as we continually assist nationwide and local legal firms.

Discovery Loss Prevention Services requires that every investigative act be performed legally and with the highest of ethics. Our investigators keep in mind the following key factors: expectation of privacy/trespass/eavesdropping Fair Credit Reporting Act; false personification false imprisonment agency-law enforcement relationship; types and standards of evidence and union issues.

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